Star-shaped elastic coupling
· Polyurethane elastomer is Iimited by a convex claw block, which can avoid the internal deformation caused by the impact and the external deformation produced by centrifugal force
· The large surface of convex claw, which can reduce the pressure on the surface of the involute tooth
· Can compensate the relative deviation, buffer, shock absorption, abrasion resistance of the two axles
· Be suitable for the connect ion of transmission shaft for two coaxial lines, which is widely used
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Aluminium alloy bell type cover
· Used for the connect ing of IEC standard motor and hydraulic oil pump
· Both ends of the connecting flange is machined
· Can be used for heavy loads, such as coal mines and other places
· There are two forms, which can be used for the connection of horizontal and vertical motors
· The stock has various specifications, appIicable to a variety of hydraulic pumps, please refer to the price sheet
· The following is aluminum alloy material
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NL tooth type elastic coupling (45#)
· The use of simple, easy maintenance, buffer shock absorpt ion
· Can compensate for the larger axial displacement, trace of radial displacement and angular dispiacement
· Be suitable for the high-speed shaft, which has multiple forward and backward change and start frequent
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Plum type elastic coupling
· The structure is simple, the transmission torque is big, the noise is small, the load bearing capacity is high
· Can compensate the relative displacement function, arc contact, long service life
· It is suitable for the connection of two coaxial Iines, the starting frequency, the positive and negative change, the middle and low speed, the medium and smalI power transmission shaft
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Cast iron bell type cover
· Used for the connecting of IEC standard motor and hydraul ic oi I pump;
· Both ends of the connecting flange is machined;
· Can be used for heavy loads, such as coal mines and other places;
·There are two forms. which can be used for the connection of hor i zontal and vertical motors;
·The stock has var ious specifications, app I i cable to a var iety of hydraul icpumps, Please refer to the pr ice sheet;
·The following is cast iron material
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Air cooled oil cooler AH1012T-100L
· The air cooler is suitable for the cooling of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, transformer oil, water, natural gas, ethylene glycol and other media
· The service Iife of the hydraulic system is extended
· The practicality of the hydraulic system is increased
· Longer operating hours and less downtime
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· Suitable for smalI motor and smalI oil pump combination;
· Suitable for vertical installation device, is conducive to good space;
· this product cast ironbracket has a certain mechanical strength, good wear resistance, thermal conductiv-ity and shock absorpt ion and other excel lent character istics;
·so the pump bracket casting components in the servo system as a whole has been widely used.
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Oil tank cleaning cover
· Fuel tank cleaning side cover is on both sides or one side of the oil tank
· Is removable to clean the tank inside, easy to remove dirt in the tank
· Use a rubber gasket to seal the cover edge and joint, which is resistant to high temperature, no leakage
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